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Boost Website Traffic

When sharing content, use Pinclick to attach a message to the page itself. You can include a link back to your own website, Kickstarter campaign, Eventbrite page, Shopify cart, Amazon product and more!

Increase Social Media ROI

You share great articles all the time—from Mashable, TechCrunch, Buzzfeed, New York Times, etc. Instead of just sharing the article as it is, Pinclick helps you turn your followers into users and customers.

Get Signups and Subscribers

Pinclick lets you include a signup opportunity within every piece of content you share across social media. You can attach a simple signup form that connects to your mailing list and rapidly grow your newsletter.

Leverage Viral Content

When sharing viral content like YouTube videos or SlideShare presentations, you can use Pinclick to embed them directly into your own website with the click of a button. This drives the virality back to you!

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